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Property Auction

We provide short-term bridging loans used to purchase property at auction. We arrange your bridging loan quickly to ensure that your auction purchase is completed within the required timeframe.

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Not sure of your loan to value?

Instant Bridging Loan Calculator

With our free mortgage payment calculator, you can find out the interest payments on what you need to borrow in seconds. Simply tell us how much you want to borrow, how long you need the loan to last, and the loan amount in relation to the value of property or security (loan to value (LTV).

Please note: the maximum loan, loan-to-value, term and rate actually offered will depend on the product selected, the property, and your individual circumstances. As a specialist mortgage broker, the rates our lending panel typically offer are higher than from high streets banks, so you may be advised to shop around before completing an application with us.

A bridging loan calculator is a tool to help you discover the loan rates, interest fees, and repayment costs you can expect when taking out a bridging loan. Simply enter how much you want to borrow, how long you need the loan to last, and the loan amount in relation to the value of property or security (LTV).

Unmortgageable Property

Bridging loan lenders consider auction properties that other lenders don’t deem suitable for a mortgage. This includes non-standard construction types, properties that need renovation, and properties considered uninhabitable. So you can purchase the property using a bridging loan, carry out the work, and refinance or sell the property.

Types of Property

You can use your bridging finance to purchase and secure your loan against a range of different property types including regulated and unregulated properties, land with or without planning, commercial, semi-commercial, residential, buy-to-let, retail units, HMOs, leisure complexes, hotels, pubs, shops, offices, property for refurbishment, mixed-use, and development plots.

Auction Bridging Finance - How It Works

Pre-Agreed Bridging Loans

When purchasing auction property, it is recommended to have an agreement in principle from the lender prior to the auction, so that when the bid is won, you can move quickly onto the next stage.

We can arrange a pre-approved bridging loan to secure the funding you need and get finance in place and ready to go when you make your winning bid. So you can complete your purchase on-time and stress-free.

Auction Bridging Finance in 3 Simple Steps

When bidding on auction property, follow these tips to ensure a successful purchase:

  • Start by researching the property by reviewing the auction catalogue and visiting the site to determine how much work needs doing and whether it can generate a profit.
  • Next, contact us to get your pre-approved bridging loan and make sure you can secure the finance you need for your auction property.
  • Finally, bid on the property at auction. If successful, use your bridging loan to pay the 10% deposit and complete the purchase within 28 days.

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Bridging Loans - Key Features

Key Features of our Bridging Loans:

  • Loans from £10,000 with no maximum amount
  • Rates from 0.4% per month
  • Terms from 1 to 36 months
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • No exit fees
  • No valuation required
  • 100% finance available
  • First, second, or third charge


Exit Strategy

When taking out a bridging loan for auction finance, a strong exit strategy is essential and is one of the main factors lenders will consider when determining your deal. You must clearly set out how you will pay back the loan. With auction finance, you will most likely repay the loan by selling the property or refinancing to a mortgage. A bridging loan will bridge the gap in the short-term until a long-term mortgage or sale of the property can be secured.


When buying property at auction, you are normally required to pay 10% of the purchase price on the day of the bid as a deposit, and pay the remaining 90% within 28 days to complete the purchase. This means you must have all the funds required to purchase the property in a very tight timeframe. This is where our bridging loans come in.


The Finance You Need, Fast.

Our bridging loans are arranged quickly. A decision is made within hours of the initial enquiry and funds are available within days. So you can complete the auction purchase within the deadline and avoid any penalties.

In most cases, other financing options like mortgages cannot be arranged within the required time period, and most do not have cash available to buy the property outright. This makes a bridging loan the best option to raise the funds you need for auction, fast.

Loans By Purpose

100% Bridging Loan

100% bridging loans that cover the full value of the property you wish to purchase.

Buying To

Also known as a bridge-to-let mortgage, fast and flexible bridging loans for buy-to-let property.

Bridging loans that help buy a new property before selling your existing home to bridge the gap between purchases.

Buying To

Refurbishment bridging loans for investors, developers, and landlords that cover the cost of property renovations.

Building A Property

Finance your next property development or building project with our short-term bridging loans.


Raise essential working capital for your business at short notice with our short-term, flexible bridging loans.


Bridging loans with quick completion times so you can complete auction property purchases faster.


Bridging loans to purchase or refinance residential or commercial land quickly and efficiently.

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