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Purchasing Land

We specialise in land bridging finance, a short-term loan used to purchase or refinance a piece of land. Our experienced, expert team will find the best land bridging deal for you whether planning permission has been granted or not.

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Instant Bridging Loan Calculator

With our free mortgage payment calculator, you can find out the interest payments on what you need to borrow in seconds. Simply tell us how much you want to borrow, how long you need the loan to last, and the loan amount in relation to the value of property or security (loan to value (LTV).

Please note: the maximum loan, loan-to-value, term and rate actually offered will depend on the product selected, the property, and your individual circumstances. As a specialist mortgage broker, the rates our lending panel typically offer are higher than from high streets banks, so you may be advised to shop around before completing an application with us.

A bridging loan calculator is a tool to help you discover the loan rates, interest fees, and repayment costs you can expect when taking out a bridging loan. Simply enter how much you want to borrow, how long you need the loan to last, and the loan amount in relation to the value of property or security (LTV).

What is Bridging Finance for Land Used For?

There are a variety of reasons to take out a bridging loan against land. It is typically used to:

  • bridge a gap whilst planning permission or change of use is obtained, allowing the land to be developed and then sold or built upon
  • release short-term funds and raise capital needed to use elsewhere
  • complete the purchase of a piece of land quickly

A Common Example

You could have found an ideal plot of land that you want to build on, but the land does not have planning permission. You may struggle to get development finance without planning consent, so you use bridging finance until you gain planning and development finance has been put into place.

You can use the bridging loan to purchase the site then apply for planning permission. Once granted, you can refinance the land with development finance or a self-build mortgage to proceed with the build and pay off the loan.

Bridging Loans for Purchasing Land - Your Application

Factors Affecting Your Application

As part of your application, we will assess a number of factors including your current financial situation and whether you can make repayments, where the land is located and what it will be used for, and whether the land has planning permission and your experience with this type of transaction. We aim to complete your application within 7-14 days of the initial enquiry.

Exit Strategies

A clear exit strategy is one of the most important factors lenders look at when assessing a bridging loan for land. The most common ways to pay back your loan are to sell the land after planning has been granted, to refinance to a self-build mortgage or property development finance, or refinance to a commercial mortgage.

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Bridging Loan Key Features & Criteria

There are a range of features and lending criteria to take into account when a bridging loan is secured against land. We offer:

  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Rates from 0.75% per month
  • Terms from 1-36 months
  • Loans from £10,000, no maximum
  • 100% finance available with additional security
  • Rolled up interest available
  • Applicants with poor credit considered
  • Planning permission not required
  • No early repayment charges
  • No exit fee
  • All exit strategies considered
  • First and second charge accepted
  • All types of land considered
  • Available across the UK


We provide land bridging loans for individuals, developers, limited companies, offshore companies, partnerships, and investors. Our bridging loans can be used for and secured against all types of land including residential, commercial, agricultural, development sites, and self-build plots.

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